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Award-Winning Wedding & Portrait Photographer serving Georgia, Florida, & Metro Atlanta

Since 2012

20 Weddings Annually

Photographed Weddings in

Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana,

South Carolina and Japan

More About Mae

I specialize in Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, and Lifestyle Photography, often traveling to your destination to capture your special moments in your spot. My work has taken me from Georgia throughout the South East United States and Japan. You can count on me being there with you every step of the way to guarantee your special moments are captured for a lifetime.

For me, photography is about a feeling. If my photo doesn’t make you feel an emotion or remember how you felt on your wedding day, when you danced with your father, or when your baby was born, then I didn’t do my job well enough, because the story, that feeling, matters.

I would love to chat or meet with you in person and talk about your Wedding Photography, Event Photos, Portrait Sessions or Lifestyle Photography Goals.

A Note From Mae

Hi! I'm Mae, and I want to meet you!


I love my job because I get to be a part of such special moments. That moment when a bride walks down the stairs to sneak back into her dressing room and her grandmother catches a glimpse of her and is starstruck. I get to be a part of THAT! I get to capture how awesome you look in that dress, how you and your significant other make each other laugh, those little moments of nervousness right before you walk down the aisle, how you and your family interact with your new baby. I get to freeze time for you; then I get to make that frozen moment into a giant, wall-sized canvas for your living room (not really—but I totally can if you want me to).


I love my job because I get to meet incredible people. I become very attached to my clients because you aren’t just a customer to me. I want us to follow each other on social media, like each other’s posts and keep in contact even after I deliver your photos. I don’t want to be just your photographer. I want to be your friend. 


I love my job because I get to have fun. There aren’t many jobs that make it acceptable to do the chicken dance to make you laugh for a photo. And don’t put it past me to skedaddle onto the dance floor with my camera and bust a move at your wedding reception, because I’ll totally do it. While I’m doing that, I’ll make sure to take embarrassing photos of your family members that you can later use for blackmail! (insert devious laughter here)

I love my job. Seriously. I’ll come home after a wedding day exhausted and sometimes feeling so sore as if I had been hit by a truck, but I’d still give anything to re-live each one of those days again because I genuinely enjoy it so much. I love capturing special moments. I love seeing the reaction when I get to reveal your photos to you for the first time., your family, and your friendship are worth more than a million bucks to me. 


Anyway, if you made it through all of that, you get 10 points. (The points mean nothing, but it does give a sense of accomplishment, yeah?) I’ve got a pretty sweet life. I’d love to share it with you as I capture the awesome moments of your life. If you think we’d be a good fit, shoot me a message, and we’ll get creative together! 



Are you ready to get started?



If you are torn between picking a photographer let me make the desicion for you, PICK MAE! She is so phenomenal and so easy to work with! She has the greatest personality and the love for her work shows in every picture she takes! She has taken my family photos and my daughters first birthday photos. I cannot stress enough how much I love each photo and how many compliments we have gotten! I love Mae and would use her over and over again if she didn’t just move away from me! Seriously though, the desicion is easy. Pick Mae Grace Photography! You won’t be disappointed!!!!!

+ Charlotte

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